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School (53 seats)


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The ROSA is quipped with a complete packet of safety features to provide peace of mind for both driver and passenger.

Retractable, two-point ELR seatbelt

Enhanced comfort, driving safety

Tillable steering wheel

Adjustable to the driver’s perfect angle. An impact-absorbing column for enhanced diver safety

Fully synchronized manual transmission

Short shift level for easier shifting

Exhaust brake system

Improves safety, Also reduces driver fatigue andextends brake lining life

Short clutch pedal stroke

Contributing driving safety and comfort

Lightweight, high-durability body

The highly rigid body protects both driver and passenger

Dual classic beauty headlamps with integrated fog lamp

Greater light intensity and wider lighting area, ensure visibility when driving at night safer

FUSO Quality gates

No Fuso Bus is delivered to customers without first passing through quality validation gates that are integral parts of the Fuso Product Development System


The ROSA is optimized driving position, wide field of view and other carefully considered features provide the highest level of driving safety adn comfort.

Optimal cooling and ventilation

Air circulation is optimized for the specious interior. Keeps cabin comfortable in any reason. Operation is easy.

Stereo audio

AM/FM radio, CD player with fourth high quality speakers provide interior comfort.

Reclining passenger seats

Adjustable the seat angle freely. All seats are designed to allow an optimal angle at the hips for superior passenger comfort.

Forward-looking, easier, too

The flat passenger deck improves forward visibility and combine the passenger door positioned behind the driver’s seat, enhances ease of entry and exit.

Safer passenger door position

The passenger door closer to the driver’s seat simplifies monitoring of passengers boarding and leaving the bus.

Folding-type, automatic door

A low, wide configuration to maximize passenger convenience.
Integrated step lamp is available for nighttime safety.


Great look. Great fuel efficiency,too. Those smooth beautiful lines lower air resistance, improving fuel efficiency.

Panoramic view from front windshield and side window

Provides driver and passengers with an fresh and open-feeling.

Chrome radiator

Provides an elegant and new styling looks

Greater comfort, greater economy

Radial tubeless-tires increase both comfort and economy

Comfortable and sole-rear door

For added spacious luggage space. Low deck and wide opening rear door make easy to load and unload

Durable, economical engine

High-Output 4D-34 diesel engine assures ample power and responsive initial acceleration.

Aluminum pot-type case transmission

Delivers quiet operation and efficient heat dissipation. Supper durable and reliability and low noise.


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