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    The FUSO Genuine spare part from FUSO Vietnam Star

    Vietnam Star Automobile - The No.1 FUSO Dealer in Vietnam is committed to provide with genuine parts which are engineered and manufactured.

    Why choose genuine parts FUSO?

    The fine filtration of the durable and clog-resistant genuine fuel filters, ensures smooth engine performance and a longer engine life.


    FUSO Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured by Japanese engineers with passion, enthusiasm, and especially understanding what are important for vehicles to last long life.


This warranty conditions applies to vehicles branded Fuso...

Note: This warranty policy is effective from 1st April 2014

 1. Warranty period

- The warranty period is the first 36 months or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of offical invoice or delivery note that signed by MERCEDES-BENZ VIET NAM or VIETNAM STAR AUTOMOBILE and first buyer, as set forth on “Warranty Start date”.

- The original equipped battery and audio equipment (Radio, CD, DVD, and Monitor) are warranted for the first 12 months or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the “Warranty Start Date”.

 2. The Scope of warranty and warranty location

- This warranty conditions applies to vehicles branded Fuso manufactured and/ or distributed by MBV and/ or its authorized dealers in Vietnam territory (hereinafter called “Vehicle”)

- The warranty conditions applied in the case of vehicles with technical defects caused by materials or assembly, in terms of vehicle being operated, used, regularly service/ maintenance according to the manufacturer’s standard and not in the case of non-qualified warranty set forth is this warranty conditions.

- This warranty conditions is limited to the range of Vietnamese territory and must be carried out in the vietnam Star Automobile workshop.

- Parts or components replaced under this warranty conditions (including cases replaced under goodwill warranty) shall become the property of Vietnam Star Automobile. 

- This warranty conditions does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use of the vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, expense for fuel, telephone, travel, meal or lodging, loss or damage to personal property, commercial loss, loss of revenue or other matters.

3. Warranty exclusion

 -       Damage due to lack of or improper maintenance as described in the “Owner’s Handbook” and “Service Booklet”.

-       Damage due to the vehicle is not operated and maintained properly (including but not limited to the use of vehicles inconsistently with the performance of the vehicle, vehicle operation in unsuitable terrain such as driving into flooded areas, road roughness, overloaded weight of vehicles allowance, vehicle operate with over engine speed, etc.)

-       Damage due to the use of other than FUSO genuine parts or such lubricants or fuel or coolant additives as specified in the “Owner’s Handbook” and “Service Booklet” or otherwise approved by MBV.

-       Damage due to the alterations without FUSO’s or MBV’s approval.

-       Normal aging, deterioration or rusting of plated parts, paint coat, rubber parts, upholstery and soft trim.

-       Slight irregularity not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle or it constituent parts such as slight noise, vibration, oil ooze, etc.

-       Damage due to the events beyond the control of the parties, including but not limited to war, invasion, foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared as a war or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, demolish by gathering.

-       Damage due to vandalism and theft.

-       Glass damage, if it is not clearly proven that this is manufacturing or installation errors.

-       Damage due to the continued vehicle operation when the diagnosis lamps/ warning lamps coming on or flash.

-       Damage due to normal wear of parts during vehicle operation period such as: Filter, filter element, oil seal, gasket (other than cylinder head gasket), nozzle, glow plug, lamp bulb (other than sealed beam head lamp), clutch facing, brake lining and brake pad, windshield wiper blade, V-belt, and other expendable parts.

-       Damage due to traffic accident, fire, floods, earthquakes, chemical pollution, and other environmental disasters.

Tires originally installed on FUSO vehicles are warranted separately by the concerned tire manufacturer and not by MBV. In case you cannot find a suitable tire dealer to take responsibility for the tire warranty, please ask us for assistance    


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